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The Netherlands: Why I want to ride my bicycle

December 24, 2013

It is no mystery that riding bicycles is a way of life in the Netherlands. You will understand why if you lived here. There is just no better way to commute! One of our first purchases after we arrived in Eindhoven were our bicycles. We opted for a luxury option as our bikes had handbrakes and 3 speeds.

Ride On from Revel & Roam on Vimeo.

Lowrider (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Seven reasons why biking around the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful experiences.

1. Bikes rank at the top of the transportation food chain: both automobiles and pedestrians give way to you!
2. Riding on pedestrian pavements are OK, but you can honk at anyone that tries to walk on your bike path.
3. You can park your bicycles anywhere. At any of the numerous bike racks or just park them outside the shop! As long as there is enough space to stand your bike, you can leave them locked just about anywhere.
4. It is healthy and no gasoline is needed!
5. Bike paths are everywhere, complete with traffic lights, bridges, tunnels, you name it.
6. There is no traffic, ever.
7. It gets your blood pumping on the way to work and relaxes you on the way home.


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close up, red batavius bicycle

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