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Warsaw- great food, budget friendly

February 14, 2014

From the sensational experience of U Kucharzy to the Milk Bar that brought us back in time, we found fantastic food in Warsaw at great prices. Bring your appetite!

revel and roam, warsaw, poland, architecture, streets, travel inspiration, neon, vintage

Warsaw streets: contrasts of a changing landscape

January 31, 2014

At the end of WWII Warsaw was completely razed by the German forces and replaced with classical, Soviet architecture. Today, modern steel and glass construction sprouts from the stone. Here are some impressions of the contrasting streetscapes that exist in Warsaw.

revel and roam, warsaw, poland, experience, neon museum, neon mermaid, warsaw city logo, travel inspiration

Whimsical Warsaw: Experiencing both past and present

January 21, 2014

Three unique and memorable Warsaw experiences from vintage to modern.

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The Netherlands: Why I want to ride my bicycle

December 24, 2013

Seven reasons why biking around the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful experiences.

revel and roam, moving, eindhoven station, train station

We’re moving!

December 6, 2013

Revel & Roam is relocating! To commemorate our time in The Netherlands, we have compiled a list of our observations and reflections about Dutch life.

revel and roam, milos, greece, color palette, greek island colors

Colors of Milos

December 3, 2013

This Milos inspired color palette is a celebration of simplicity and sunlight.

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Taking a dip in Milos

November 24, 2013

The Greek island of Milos is where I came very close to changing careers to geology. The volcanic history of this island has left vibrant, dramatic landscapes all around its coastline.

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The best way to discover Art Nouveau architecture in Brussels

November 20, 2013

During the Art Nouveau & Art D├ęco Biennale this October, we ducked into a few of the 200+ sights that can be found in Brussels. Start planning for your 2015 visit!

saori guest post waffles brussels

Guest post: Everything you want to know about Belgian Waffles

November 8, 2013

Enjoy her guest post as she shares her insider knowledge on the world of waffles in Brussels!

waffle van in brussels

A sweet adventure in Brussels

November 1, 2013

“Look, he’s leaving!” Alison pointed to a yellow van pulling away as we came to a stop in the middle of Place Flagey.

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