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My 5 motives for keeping on the move

August 30, 2013

I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and while I have quite a lot of love for my home, I’ve always craved to see and feel the character of different cities and landscapes. I’m lucky that my parents introduced me to travel, and that even driving through the US you can find drastically different places. Now I can’t seem to get enough. Here are my top 5 motives for being on the move:

1 – Seeking authenticity

My passion for travel has come to be about seeking authentic experiences. I do my best to balance visiting sights or museums with wandering through neighborhoods. I’m not one to strike up conversations with other travelers and discuss itineraries, but rather spend my time in search of colorful streets, amazing views, and delicious eats.

2 – Experiencing other worlds

It is incredible to see other people’s worlds and lifestyles. I feel lucky to get a taste of life in other places, a glimpse of other cultures. I am fascinated by how our physical environment affects the development of different cultures from savoring delicious food to surviving extreme weather. My journeys have really opened my eyes to my own culture as well. I can’t ignore the effects of being married to a Singaporean, or living in Europe for the past few years, but I feel that I can claim some of the best bits of other cultures and lifestyles as my own.

3 – Pushing boundaries

Lets be honest, not everyone loves the culture shock of travel. Being shocked is not bad, but rather means that I’ve finally reached a point of something so new or different I feel a jolt of surprise. These moments cause me to think differently, to change my perspective. I live for these moments – bits of understanding about another culture, or something that signifies I have just expanded my comfort zone. The more I have traveled, the less I am shocked and more I am amazed and delighted.

4 – Being amazed

Taking in the sight of Machu Picchu after cresting the final hill of the Inca trail. Gazing at the millions of stones artfully paving the city of Lisbon. Feeling small under the massive dome of the Hagia Sofia. Savoring tropical fruits, spicy, savory curries, and smooth white coffee in Singapore. Its pure pleasure to revel in the beauty of what surrounds me.

5 – Creating art

I’ve always loved travel photography- landscapes, cityscapes, small details. A drawing course in Istanbul for my architecture program introduced another way of capturing travel in a visual way. Isolating, framing, recording… all ways of studying and seeing my surroundings. My newest adventures in designing color palettes is another way of deepening my experiences, and I will continue to find new ways of creating and expressing what my journeys offer me.

In writing and curating this blog, highlights of our own personal travel experiences, I hope to both inspire and delight you as you revel and roam in all that the world has to offer.


revel and roam, alison, milos, travel inspiration, 5 motives for keeping on the move

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  1. sandy says:

    This particular blog really spoke to me as it has articulated my inner thoughts! Keep truckin’ and experiencin’. I’m living out my fantasies through your real life adventures. Thanks for that!

  2. Jelena says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your motives! Never stop exploring! :)