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Lisbon’s graphic paradise

April 15, 2013

The streets of Lisbon are some of my favorite for urban wandering. The art, architecture and even the pavement are a collage of colors and patterns.

The streets give a sense of time, with slow wearing of the pavement stones and the occasional broken tiles. More contemporary work is found interlaced with the old, and everything seems to give a sense of craft, traces of the human hand. While you are able to see the Portuguese painted tiles (Azulejos) as you wander the streets, visit the Museu Nacional Do Azulejo for a closer look.

While window shopping I was constantly drawn to all of the classic designs that remain on many Portuguese products and artwork.  An older era of print graphics that remain relevant today, they are distinct, colorful and playful. A Vida Portugesa is a wonderfully curated shop where you can find lovely products produced in Portugal that retain this classic look. Browse, purchase and revel!

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