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Colors of Brussels

October 25, 2013

This set of colors was inspired by a gorgeous living room we saw at the Ciamberlani house (architect Paul Hankar) during the Art Nouveau & Art Deco Biennale in Brussels. The palette and style closely represents what I saw both in that room and around the city; neutral and soft tones, accented by a touch of color. The combination of both warm and cool grays feels sophisticated and light. The Ciamberlani house has been beautifully restored, with a well curated range of furniture from antique to modern, all within this neutral color palette. Unfortunately photos were strictly forbidden, so you’ll have to imagine what is behind those round windows…

CMYK from top:

10, 15, 28, 0
11, 12, 16, 0
27, 23, 30, 0
52, 46, 46, 14
32, 62, 62, 15
(gold leaf)

revel and roam, art nouveau, brussels, house, Ciamberlani, Hankar, architecture


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