About us

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Revel & Roam is here to bring you a unique experience of cities around the world. We travel in search of inspiring art, compelling design and mouth-watering food, all in an attempt to discover how wonderfully different life can be but also how interconnected and similar we all are. We believe in beauty and we are there to soak it all in.

We hope Revel & Roam will inspire new travel destinations or teleport you back to your favorite cities to reminisce for a little while. But most of all, we want to get you thinking about what kind of experiences you want to have when you’re planning your next journey.

We try to be responsible wherever we go: respecting local customs, using our trusty water canteens where possible, keeping our voices at a non-disruptive level and eating what the locals eat.

Revel & Roam believes that travel can be comfortable and functional without neglecting some sense of style. Thus we are on a constant look out for well-designed and attractive products that help travelers be tastefully prepared.

We hope you enjoy these glimpses of our travels. Please connect with us on Facebook as we look forward to hearing about your travels and what else you would like to see.

Revel & Roam is: Alison and Howie – design junkie and cubicle monkey on the outside, wannabe stylish travel artists on the inside.

Alison is from the USA, Howie is from Singapore and after living in Europe for a few years, they are now in San Francisco.

revel and roam, about us, alison howie
 photos: Vernazza, Italy (top) and Bruges, Belgium (bottom)